User Interface Tips

The ezimerchant user interface has been designed to provide easy access to information and administrative functions. This section of the documentation focuses on Control Panel functionality, which applies to more than one section.


Lists, Paging and Stacks

ezimerchant presents information where there are multiple items (such as Orders, Customers, Products, etc.) in lists. If there are more than a single page of items, ezimerchant displays a page navigation toolbar below the list.

Clicking an individual list item opens a stack that displays item details on top of the list. When a stack is displayed, the part of the list is still visible, making it easy to switch between list items.

Selecting multiple items

Lists supporting bulk actions have a checkbox in the right most column. Clicking the checkbox selects the corresponding item. Clicking it again deselects it. The check box in the header selects and deselects all items on the current page.

To quickly select a continuous group of items, tick the checkbox in the first, hold down Shift then click the checkbox on the last. The first item, last item and all items in between will be selected.

Browser support

The ezimerchant Control Panel performs best with Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox

Although ezimerchant has not been targeted to mobile devices, we do hame merchants using it successfully, especially using the Google Chrome browser. Technical support is not provided for the use of ezimerchant on mobile devices.

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