Settings - Tax

The tax settings screen is where you can define tax rules suitable for your specific circumstances.

Multiple tax rules can be implemented, each with one or more geography based tax rates.


Clicking New adds a new row into the tax settings table.

Tax name

The tax name is used throughout ezimerchant. When defining a product it appears in the drop-down list on the general tab. When customers purchase an item it appears in the cart and throughout checkout. The tax name familiar to the buyer should be used such as GST or VAT depending on your circumstances. Entering a tax name that has already been defined lets you set up an additional rule for an additional geography.


The geography field is a search box. You can search for a postal code, ZIP Code, Suburb, City, State or Country. A set of search results for your query is displayed in a drop-down. Select the relevant value.

Tax rate

Enter the tax rate as a percentage.


Tick one or more existing tax rules and click edit to change their settings. Click Save or Cancel to save or discard your changes.


Tick one or more existing tax rules and click delete to remove them.

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