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Payment Methods

Automatic Payment Methods

Automatic payment methods are connected in real-time to online payment processing networks to facilitate the immediate transfer of funds from the buyer to your account. The automatic payment methods supported by ezimerchant are:

  • Credit Card with real-time payment gateway.
  • PayPal

Manual Payment Methods

Manual payment methods are for payments which happen off-line. Payment happens outside of ezimerchant, so there is no way for ezimerchant to know when it has occurred. Manual payment methods supported by ezimerchant are:

  • Credit Card with manual processing.
  • Account
  • BPAY
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Cheque
  • Direct Deposit
  • Money Order
  • Pay on Pickup

Credit Card with real-time payment gateway

Accepting credit cards requires an Internet Merchant Facility, which you would normally establish through your bank or financial institution. The merchant facility provider will provide you with a set of credentials including merchant ID, terminal ID (varies by institution, some don't use it). You then provide those credentials to a payment Gateway, which will use the details to connect to the credit card network. The payment gateway will provide you with credentials, which you can enter into ezimerchant by clicking the edit icon below the credit card payment method.

Important note: ezimerchant fees include the cost of Payment Express, which ezimerchant is an authorised reseller for. There is a once off $220 setup fee. Contact with your merchant details to get the payment gateway setup.

Credit Card with manual processing

If you have an existing off-line merchant facility with an EFTPoS terminal, you can use ezimerchant in manual processing mode. This is not recommended because even though ezimerchant secures the credit card data, you still need to retrieve, handle and process that data in order to capture the funds through the EFTPoS terminal. This approach has significant compliance issues. In the future ezimerchant may cease supporting this method.


PayPal is a well-known, popular online payment system. It is very easy to set up a PayPal account. In fact if the email address that you used to sign up to ezimerchant is not associated with a PayPal account, you can still receive a payment through PayPal and will be prompted by PayPal to create an account in order to to retrieve the funds.

When PayPal is enabled, a checkout with PayPal button is added to the cart page automatically alongside the regular checkout button. The PayPal checkout is very fast and convenient for the buyer because after clicking check out with PayPal the buyer only needs to login to their PayPal account, verify the purchase and complete it. There is no need to enter any address details or share any payment information because that is all kept on file with PayPal. On completing the order, PayPal transfers the funds to your PayPal account and send the endless details to ezimerchant's checkout the completion.


When the Account payment method is unable, buyers are able to choose Account as a method of payment. The order will be marked as payment pending. It is your responsibility as the merchant to ensure The account is valid and in good standing prior to fulfilling the order.


Available in Australia only. BPAY needs to be set up with your bank before you are able to accept payments. Once set up, enable BPAY and click the "Setup BPAY" link to enter the details provided by the bank. BPAY is not an automated payment method. It is your responsibility to manually verify payment receipt prior to fulfilling orders.

Cash On Delivery

Enable this payment method if you would like to offer Cash On Delivery as a method of payment.


Enable this payment method if you would like to offer Cheque as a method of payment.

Direct Deposit

Enable this payment method if you would like to offer Direct Deposit as a method of payment.

Money Order

Enable this payment method if you would like to offer Money Order as a method of payment.

Pay on Pickup

If you allow pickups and don't require prepayment at the time of ordering, enable this payment method to allow customers to choose to pay when they pick up.

Gift Certificate

Another method which can be used for payment by customers is gift certificates. Only customers who have been issued gift certificates will be able to use them for payment. When you enable the Gift Certificate payment method a "Manage Gift Certificates" link appears on the gift certificate line of the payment method table.

Manage Gift Certificates

Use the gift certificates screen to manage gift certificates which have been issued in the past and to issue new ones.

Gift Certificate Filter
  • Active - Gift certificates which still have a balance and have neither been cancelled nor expired.
  • Used - Gift certificates which have had all of their original value used as payment for orders.
  • Expired - Gift certificate with an expiry date, which has passed.
  • Cancelled - Gift certificated which have been cancelled through the Control Panel.
  • All - Shows all gift certificates ever issued.
New Gift Certificate

Clicking the New button in the Manage Gift Certificates screen opens the gift certificate editor.

Certificate Type

Two types of gift certificates are supported by ezimerchant.

  • Code - Requires a certificate code to be entered in the checkout.
  • Email Address - Is automatically a available for use when the customer with the specified email address logs in during the checkout
Gift Certificate Code

Enter a unique gift certificate code or click the Generate button to create one.

Customer Email Address

Specify the email address of the customer who the gift certificate is being issued to. Tick the Email Gift Certificate checkbox to email the gift certificate to the customer when you click Save


Specify the value of the gift certificate.

Expiry (optional)

You can optionally specify an expiry date for the gift certificate. This is considered bad form if someone has paid for the gift certificate but it's fine if you giving it as a gift or incentive.


Specify me applicable currency for the gift certificate. The certificate will only be available for use if the checkout is being transacted in the selected currency. Only currencies enabled on the payment settings screen are available for selection.


Click Save to save the certificate.


Click Cancel to discard your edits.

Payment Processing Modes - Automatic Payment Methods

This setting applies only the automatic payment methods, credit card with payment gateway and PayPal.

The two modes are:

  • Receive Payments into my accounts automatically
  • Check payments for me then transfer funds when I process orders

Receive Payments into my accounts automatically

In this mode payments are captured immediately upon completion of the checkout. Customers are unable to complete checkout if the payment fails for any reason such as insufficient funds, invalid account details, etc. In this case the payment is already marked as processed and the process screen will show "Payment Made - No Action Taken". The Orders list shows Payment Status as Processed (solid green dot).

Check payments for me then transfer funds when I process orders

In this mode, funds are reserved (PayPal) or credit card validated (Real-time credit card). Funds are captured through the Process function in the Orders screen. The payment status will show as Payment Pending (green circle).

Processing the order captures the payment. It is important to note that circumstances can change between authorisation and capture so should always ensure funds are captured prior to shipping the order.

Payment Instructions

Click the edit button at the top left of the payment settings screen to set instructions for each of the payment methods you have enabled, if required. The most common use is to provide bank account details direct deposit in the Post-purchase instructions.

Pre-purchase instructions are shown on the payment page next to the corresponding payment method and Post-purchase instructions are shown on the order completed page.

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