Create a Promotion

  1. Click the 'New' button - this will create a new line in the table directly below.
  2. Fill in the details available for the promotion:
    • Code - this is the code that will appear in the shopping cart on your website
    • Name - this is the name that will appear in the shopping cart on your website
    • Exclusive - when this box is ticked it means that the promotion is not valid with any other offer.
    • Valid From/To - Setting dates here will allow the promotion to run during the dates specified only. Leaving them blank means the promotion will run forever until you manually disable or delete it.
  3. Click 'Save'

Click on the promotion you have just created to open the Promotion Editor to add more conditions and benefits.

Promotion Editor

Promotion Conditions

Valid From

The date when the promotion starts being available

Valid To

The last date the promotion is available.


The promotion is exclusive and can't be combined with any other offer. The only time when more than one promotion can be applied to a title is when both promotions are non-exclusive.

Coupon Code

The promotion will only apply if the customer enters the coupon code in the cart or checkout

Use a limited amount of times

The number of times that a promotion can be used. e.g. The first 10 customers.

Spend over a certain amount

The order total must be at least the specified amount for the promotion to apply.

Must purchase a product with a specified product code

The promotion will only apply if at least one of the specified products are purchased.

Promotion Benefits

The promotion benefit will be available if all of the promotion conditions are met. The benefit can be either a discount or product(s).


The promotion discount is an expression. The intended discount can be entered as a formula, where the following values are available:

  • SubTotal - The cart total before freight but inclusive of tax.
  • Total - The cart total including tax and freight.
  • Freight - The total freight cost inclusive of tax.
  • FreightTotal - Same as Freight.
  • FreightTotalExTax - The total freight cost excluding tax.


10% discount off the order total (inclusive of freight)
Total * 0.10
10% discount off the order sub total (excluding freight)
SubTotal * 0.10
50% discount off Freight
Freight * 0.50
Free Freight
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