Pricing Levels

ezimerchant supports customer group and volume discounting of products in any combination, making it ideal for wholesale and B2B websites.

For example, for a product priced at $100 retail it's possible to say anybody who orders a quantity of 5 or more can buy for $70, but a member of a Wholesale customer group can buy for $70 regardless of quantity and $60 if they buy 10 or more.

To define Customer Groups and manage group membership see Customer Groups for details.

New Pricing Level

Defining a new pricing level is very simple, requiring only 3 values.

Customer Group

Select the Customer Group to which this pricing level will apply.

In the Quantity field, enter the amount the customer needs to order to get the new price.

Make the quantity 0 if you want the price to apply no matter the amount for a particular customer group.

In the Price field, enter the amount EACH for the product at that particular quantity.

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