Product Options are used to ask questions related to the product being purchased. For example you could add questions for size and colour for a shirt. You can optionally vary the price based on the option selected.

This feature is a great way to reduce your product count if you don't need a distinct SKU per option.

Question Label

This is the label that appears next to the question field.

Field types

Line of text

Displays and edit box to enable customers to enter a brief text answer to the question.

Multiple lines of text

This works like (Line of Text) but with a text box allowing for more text to be entered.

Option List

Ideal for a fixed set of answers, for example if a product comes in different sizes or different colours. It renders as a drop down list.

Check box

Adds a question with a checkbox, typically used for true / false or yes / no questions

File upload

Use this question type if a file is needed from the buyer to supply the product, such as an image to print.

Price Change

Use the price change field to specify by how much (ex tax) the price changes if the particular option is selected.

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