Product - General Tab

The basic product information is managed via the General tab of the Product panel.

Usage information presented is based on default template behaviour. The ezimerchant template system is extremely flexible, so it is possible that the stated behaviour has been modified if you have a customised template.


The product code is a unique identifier for the product. It is optional but must be unique if provided. It is displayed throughout the site and Control Panel. Searching also returns records which match the product code.


The name of the product is displayed throughout the site. It is also the default page title for the product page and the default title for eBay listings. It is a searchable field.


The default price of the product inclusive of tax.

List Price

By default List Price is set to the same value as Price. If List Price is higher than Price, it will be shown on the site as a price before discount.


Set the tax rate applicable to this product. Tax rates are defined in the Tax Settings.


The default image for the product. There is no need to resize images before uploading to ezimerchant although it is good practice to upload the image at only the highest resolution it will be displayed. There is no point uploading a 21 megapixel image (5616 x 3744 pixels) if the largest that will be displayed is about 800 x 600. The larger the file, the longer it takes to upload. It's best to reduce it to 800 x 600 before uploading and let ezimerchant deal with the automatic resizing down to the various dimensions defined in the template.


The description of the product. Where it is displayed on the site depends on the template implementation. Typically the full product description is only displayed on the detailed product page, not the category page.


By default new products are enabled. If you need to temporarily remove a product you can disable it rather than deleting it and recreating it later.


The name of the manufacturer. This value is optional, required only by some data feeds, such as Google Shopping for example.

Manufacturer Code

The product code defined by the manufacturer of the product. This value is optional, required only by some data feeds, such as Google Shopping for example.

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