Dimensions and Weight

The freight screen is where you define weight and dimensions for your product. There are fields for weight and dimensions.

Values can be entered together with a unit of measure. For weight, values such as 500g or 0.5kg or even 1lb or 16oz are all valid. If no unit of measure is provided the default is grams. The dimensions the default unit of measure is millimetres.

Although weights and dimensions are optional for freight calculation, is good practice to provide as accurate details as possible. If not provided, products default to 1 gram weight and 1 mm.

The details you provide here, are used for freight calculation. See freight settings for more details.

Handling Charges

It is possible to specify a per-unit handling charge for the product. The handling charge can vary per region. Regions are defined in freight settings. If more than one region applies the most specific will be used. For example, if a handling charge has been specified for a country as well as a state, the handling charge for the state applies within that state but the country charge will apply outside that state.

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