Buy Button

The Buy Button tab provides several ways to add a product for sale online and off-line.

Test being a buyer

Clicking the Buy button adds the product to a shopping cart and opens preview to either the cart page or check out page depending on setting of the "Change how this works" button.

Change how this works

Clicking the Change how this works button reveals several options, which change how the various selling methods on the By Button tab work.

Buy Now (straight to checkout)

This option, which is the default, takes the buyer directly to the checkout page for completion of the purchase. Is ideal for scenarios where typically no more than one product is purchased at a time.

Add to Cart (buy more than one item)

This option takes the buyer to the shopping cart page. Is ideal for scenarios where buyers are likely to buy more than one item at a time.

Quantity to Buy

The setting of this option determines the quantity of the item placed in the cart. The default is one.

Buyer can't change quantities

This option if ticked makes the shopping cart read only. When used in combination with the Quantity to Buy option, it can be used to enforce a specific quantity being purchased.

Use this link

Every product in ezimerchant has a unique buy link, which changes based on the options selected on the "Change how this works" section.

The buy link can be used anywhere a web link can be used. Try clicking it, the link is functional and will open either the shopping cart checkout page based on the selected settings.

Use this QR code

QR codes are becoming commonplace in print advertising, shop windows, billboards and many other off-line locations. A buyer scanning the QR code with a QR code reader in their smartphone will be taken to the shopping cart or checkout page of your mobile optimised website which come standard with ezimerchant.

Use this web form

Web developers will be familiar with the form that is displayed in this section. It can be used to add buy button to an existing website. Some experimenting with settings will show that it is possible to add this form in a dynamic way to a content management system.

Use this secure shield

At the code shown in this section to your website to add the secure shield shown as a preview below the code box to your website.

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