Product details, images, pricing, stock levels and additional parameters controlling the information, appearance and behaviour of the product are managed through the Product panel.

Product Header

The header of the product panel shows the code and name of the product and provides functions for closing the panel; copying the product and deleting the product.


Use to make an identical copy of the currently selected product, which is great for when you need to create a new product that is similar to the current one. Product codes must be unique, so the copy has a number appended.


Click to permanently delete the current product. When clicked, the button shows . Click it again to confirm.

Product Tabs


The tab is where the basic product information such as code, name, price and description is set. See General for details.


The tab is where you can set volume and customer group specific discounts. It's also where you will find the "price via email" feature. See Pricing Levels for details.


The tab is used to set stock levels, behaviour on out of stock and minimum / maximum order quantities. See Availability for details.


The tab is where additional images can be added to a product. See Content for details.


The tab is where you can assign products to one or more categories. See Categories fro details.


The tab lets you set content specific to search engines and data feeds. See Marketing for details.


The tab is used to define eBay specific parameters for publishing the product as a managed listing on eBay. See eBay for details.


The tab is where you specify weight and dimensions used for freight calculations. See Freight for details.


The tab is where you can add questions to your product. See Options for details.

Buy Button

The tab provides access to code, links and QR Code, which enable sale of the product both offline and online. See Buy Button for details.

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