Products Multi-edit

Selecting which products to edit

To edit multiple products, from the product list tick the product selection checkbox in the rightmost column of the product table for each product you want to include in the edit set. Click the checkbox in the header if you want to select all products on the current page.

With at least one product selected click the edit button below the product list to enter multi-edit, where you will be presented with a screen with multiple tabs for each of the various multi-edit modes.

Editing from search results

Search results are automatically in multi-edit mode.

Above the search results several tabs provide access to various multi-edit modes.

Multi edit modes


The Edit tab presents the selected products in a grid view enabling the most common product values to be updated quickly on multiple products. Values which can be changed in this view are Code, Name, Price, List Price, Tax, Weight, Width, Height and Length.

Edit Media

The Edit Media tab is used to edit the default picture and description of the product.

Edit Categories

Use Edit Category to select which categories the selected products should be assigned to.

Important Note: The products will be assigned to only the selected categories and removed from any categories that are currently assigned to.

Edit Stock

Use the Headed Stock tab to update stock levels of the selected products and turn on or off stock control.

Update All

The Update All tab presents a number of fields, which will update the selected products to the value provided in each field. If no value is provided the current value is retained. If for example you want to update the tax rate for multiple products, use the Update All feature, choose the tax rate you want to set them to and click Save Changes.

Save Changes

Unlike the product detailed screen for a single product changes are not saved automatically. To save changes click the Save Changes button at the top right of the multi-edit screen.

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