Product Import

Launching the import process

There are two ways to launch the import process. Clicking the import tab from the products screen opens the import. Choosing "Import Products" from the Support menu launches the import with some additional instructions.

Aceptable file formats

The product import supports Excel, CSV and tab delimited files.

Your import file needs to have column headers. Add them in Excel or Open Office if you don't already have them.


List your images as URLs (seperated by commas)



List your categories (seperated by commas). Categories will be created if they don't already exist.

Example: Suits, Mens

Sample Import File

The help screen accessible via "Import Products" under the Support menu has a link to a simple import file, which contains all the required column headers.

Choose your import file

You can either Drag & Drop your file into the import screen or click "Choose File" to browse for it.

Choose a mapping

Overwrite existing products

By default the import creates new products. Click the checkbox next to "Overwrite existing products" to make the import match products on the product code and override the product information with the data found in the import file.

If you leave the option unticked the import will add the products to the product catalogue and edit the product code to avoid conflicts by appending a sequence number.

The field mapping table

The import wizard will automatically attempt to match fields in the import file to the corresponding ezimerchant field. You can override these suggested defaults by choosing the appropriate import field from the drop-down next to each ezimerchant field.

Product codes

It is important to uniquely identify each product, so the product code field has an option to "Generate product codes for products missing codes". If this option is enabled ezimerchant creates the product code as SKU followed by a - and an incremental number.

Image URL

If the product image data in your import file is not a full URL to the image on the web, but only a file name or a path with a file name, you can specify the remainder of the image URL in the image URL field. This will be prepended to the data in the import file to create a full image URL.

For example if your import file includes /images/imagefile.png and your website is you would put in the image URL field and the import will put the two parts together to create a full image path.

Field hints

Several of the ezimerchant fields have a little information icon next to them. Hover your mouse over it for more information.

Import summary

Once the import completes you will be presented with a summary showing how money products imported and how many products were skipped. If there were any errors, you will be presented with a list of items which failed to import and the reason why.

eBay Sample view

The import summary also shows what your product will look like if listed on eBay. click the "List them on eBay" button to start the eBay listing Wizard.

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