The categories tab of the product screen is where you can manage your category structure.

Add Category

To add a new top-level category enter its name into the Add Category field and click the Add button.

Category list

Top-level Categories

When the categories tab is initially opened only top-level categories are shown.


Subcategories are revealed by clicking the > icon to left of the category name.

Add Subcategory

Expanding subcategories also reveals the Add Subcategory function, Which works exactly like the Add Category function described above, except that it creates a category at the subcategory level.

Moving Categories

It is possible to change the order of categories by dragging them and dropping them in the new position.

Disabled Categories

Categories which are disabled are shown with a grey background in the category list.

Product Count

The category list also shows the number of products assigned to each category.

Category Details

Clicking on a category name opens the category details panel.


The Products tab of the category details panel the products currently assigned to the selected category.

Drag products up and down to change the default order which products are displayed in the category on the website.

Click the red delete button to the right of the product list to remove a product from the selected category.

Add products

To add products to the selected category, click in the search box, which will reveal a few products. Enter a search term to see a list of matching products. Click the light blue and button to the right of the search results list to add the product to the selected category.



Use the Name field to change the name of the selected category.


The enable option can be used to enable or disable the category. A disabled category is not displayed on the website. The selected option will appear pressed in and the option not selected will appear as a raised button.


Most templates have a place to display a category image. Click the Change button to upload an image for the selected category.


Use the editor to enter a category description. The category description is typically shown at the top of the category page on the website, above the product list.


Default Image

This displays the same image as the General tab.



This the title that will appear in search engines and the window name in the browser, this has the most impact on page rank on your actual site (disregarding external links and other factors) when blank, the category name is used as the title.


The description is placed in the META data of the category page. What this means is that the description is not rendered on the page but is available for search engines to read. Some search engines use the meta description to render with the search results. It has minimal, if any impact on the ranking of the search result.


Keywords are largely ignored by search engines. It is deprecated feature which is likely to be removed from ezimerchant in the near future.

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