The Products section provides access to the master product list. It shows all products in your ezimerchant account, including both enabled and disabled products, whether or not they are assigned to any categories.

Get to the Products screen by selecting Products from the main menu

Product Editing Modes

New Product Edit

Clicking adds a new product in edit mode at the bottom of the product list.

When creating a new product, the Product Code, Product Name and Price can be entered. After you have entered some information the Save button becomes active and an extra new product edit row appears, making it easy to enter multiple new products quickly. When the product is saved it can be edited using either Single Edit or Multi Edit described below.

Single Edit

Clicking anywhere (except the selection checkbox) on a product line in the product list opens the product details panel. See Product for details.

Multi Edit

Select one or more products in the product list then click to enable multi edit mode. See Product multi-edit for details.

Navigating products


Clicking the icon reveals the search bar below the Products header. Quickly find products by product code or product name by entering a partial name then clicking the Search button or pressing Enter. Clicking the small X to the right of the search button clears the search results and closes the search bar

The search results provide access to all the Multi Edit features.


Below the product list you will find the navigation toolbar, which you can use to navigate between pages of your product list.


Clicking the tab displays the Category management screen, where you can manage categorisation of your products. See Categories for details.


Clicking the tab displays the Product Import wizard. See Product Import for details.

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