Process Orders

The Process Order button performs several actions to complete the order. What steps are taken depends on the current status of the order and payment processing settings.

Payment processing

What happens to the payment status of an order depends on the payment method chosen by the customer.

Automatic Payment Methods

How automatic payment methods are handled depends on payment settings defined in Settings > Payment.

Automatic payment methods are:

  • Credit Card with real-time payment gateway.
  • PayPal

The two modes are:

  • Receive Payments into my accounts automatically
  • Check payments for me then transfer funds when I process orders

Receive Payments into my accounts automatically

In this mode payments are captured immediately upon completion of the checkout. Customers are unable to complete checkout if the payment fails for any reason such as insufficient funds, invalid account details, etc. In this case the payment is already marked as processed and the process screen will show "Payment Made - No Action Taken". The Orders list shows Payment Status as Processed (solid green dot).

Check payments for me then transfer funds when I process orders

In this mode payments authorised but not captured. The payment status will show as Payment Pending (green circle).

Processing the order captures the payment. It is important to note that circumstances can change between authorisation and capture so should always ensure funds are captured prior to shipping the order.

Manual Payment Methods

Manual payment methods are:

  • Credit Card with manual processing.
  • Account
  • BPAY
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Cheque
  • Direct Deposit
  • Money Order
  • Pay on Pickup

For all manual payment methods payment happens outside of ezimerchant, so there is no way for ezimerchant to know when it has occurred. In this case, processing the order marks the order as paid, which is a step you would take once you have verified payment.

Processing shipments

The order processing screen enables entry of quantities being shipped. By default quantities for all lines are set to the quantity ordered. You can reduce this quantity if sending a partial shipment. In this case, the order is marked as partially shipped. Later, when sending more items from the order simply come back and process it again, specifying quantities being sent. Repeat this until all the items are shipped.

Confirmation email

When the order is marked as processed and email is sent to the customer. An optional message can be entered.

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