Customer Groups

The Customer Groups tab shows a list of all the customer groups including how many customers are assigned to each.

All Customers

A special group called All Customers contains all of the customers in your ezimerchant store account. It is used in other parts of ezimerchant, for example for product pricing levels to set quantity pricing applicable to everyone.

Add Customer Group

Enter the name of a new Customer Group and click Add to create it.

Delete Customer Groups

Tick the checkbox next to the customer group(s) you want to Delete then click to permanently delete the selected customer groups. When clicked, the button shows . Click it again to confirm.

Deleting customer groups will not delete the customers assigned to the groups being deleted.

Customer Group Editor

Clicking on a Customer Group name opens the Customer Group Editor. Use the editor to view and manage group membership, change the group name and colour.

Group Colour

The group colour is used in the top right of the Customer screen. Changing group colours makes it easy to quickly distinguish between groups visually. Click the colour box to the left of the Customer Group name to open a colour picker.

Remove from Group

Click next to a customer's name to immediately remove that customer from the selected group. The customer record is not deleted And can easily be added back to the group.

Customer Search

Enter a partial customer name into the customer search box to find a list of matching customers.

Add to Group

Click next to the customer details in the search results list to add the customer to the selected group.

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