Customer details and addresses are managed through the Customer panel. All orders places by the customer are also accessible

Customer Header

The header of the customer panel shows the name of the customer (which when clicked launches your default email program to a new message with the customer's email address pre-filled). It also provides functions for closing the panel; stepping through the customer list; deleting the customer; changing the customer's password and downloading the customer's contact card.

Customer Details

Enter or edit Name, Email, Phone and Company. Changes are saved automatically when the cursor leaves the field.


This section shows all the addresses the customer has ever used in the checkout. From here you can edit addresses by clicking , delete addresses by clicking , view the address in Google maps by clicking and add a new address by clicking .


Shows a list of all the orders ever placed by the customer.


Shows the customers eBay ID and provides a link to the customers eBay my world page if the customer has ever bought anything from your store via eBay.


Click to permanently delete the customer. When clicked, the button shows . Click it again to confirm.

Change Password

Change the customer's password by entering a new password and clicking the Change button.

Customer Groups

At the top right of the customer screen is a panel showing all of the customer groups which have been defined. Tick and un-tick the groups to manage group membership for the customer.

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